Smuggle booze into gig... in your 'special area'

booze tampon

Smuggling booze into gigs and festivals is a royal pain, but help is at hand thanks to a company called Smuggle Your Booze.

Now you can BYOB thanks to a variety of oddball inventions, including one that that will allow ladies to hide alcohol up their vaginas.

That's right - the company have invented fake tampons that you can fill up with beer, as well as fake sun tan lotion bottles and something called a 'boobie bag'. The latter is a 4oz thing that you can hid in your bra.

The company's website says: "At a concert, festival, beach, fair or sporting event our product is there with you!!"

"The new and convenient way to bring your beverage of choice to any event, anywhere!!"

"Our products have been tested and have gotten in to all events listed above undetected!! No Hassle!!"

Prices start at $5 and you can check out the products here.


  • Zeddy
    Anyone for a Bloody Mary?
  • jim
    smells a bit fishy to me............. badum tishh
  • Your s.
    Someone must be taking the piss.
  • madge f.
    Who has rectangular boobs? And why not just dip a tampon in Gin? Get drunk without drinking.
  • Big M.
    How much can you smuggle? Over to you Lucy.
  • whatagonad
    Sounds like a right cunts trick
  • Can't m.
    Lucy has a juicy pussy

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