Shopper gets hit by 25mph mobility scooter in Tesco

mobility scooter If you're shopping at a Tesco in Plymouth, you'd better watch out because it sounds like there's gangs of hoodlums charging about on mobility scooters.

One shopper has been injured after he was sent flying by an old bloke on his mobility scooter.

Bruce Storr, the man on the receiving end, reckons that the old coot was doing around 25 mph when he got hit, chipping a bone and leaving him hurt and confused. Police are investigating the collision that happened in the Plymouth Tesco, but the driver has not been charged by the cops.

Now, mobility scooters don't actually go faster than 8mph, but Bruce Storr is a 67 year old lorry driver and he is sure that it was going three times the speed of that.

He said: "I was at the paper stand picking up a newspaper when he came shooting out of the aisle where they keep the videos and DVDs. It was doing about 25mph – being a HGV driver I am a very good judge of speed."

"Hit me on the backside. I was knocked backwards by a good five or six feet and landed on my shoulder and my head. I was on the floor when the ambulance came and they took me to A&E. The police were also there and spoke to witnesses and took statements. I didn't see much else but my Granddaughter said he was a grumpy old man, swinging his legs around like he didn’t care. He didn’t apologise."

Remember that - lorry drivers are a very good judge of speed.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "The man was taken to hospital with minor injuries and police attended the scene. Inquiries are ongoing."


  • David F.
    I've seen plenty of mobility scooters do speeds like that.
  • jim
    i have seen lorry drivers who dont have a good judge of speed
  • Mike
    “Hit me on the backside. I was knocked backwards...." if he was hit on his backside, how did he get knocked backwards? Surely he would have been knocked forwards??
  • Romany77
    Wait for him outside Tesco, be ready with a steamroller
  • Romany77
    There are plenty of yummy cream gateaux in Tesco. Use the selfish old for target practice
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Mike.....probably a case of i'm spinning around by Kyle is catching.....

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