Shane is the king of retail

Working in retail can be very tedious, so you have to make your own fun. You can dream about kicking awful customers up the rear, or you can imagine all manner of accidents befalling your irritating line-manager.

Or, if you're Shane, you can go down a completely different route.


Shane, bless him, gets so bored, that he pretends the paper bags can talk.


As you can see, Shane gets very bored, to the point where he's got more than one personality.


Extended warranties on fried chicken eh?


We still want to know about this good stuff in the back though.


Shane's 'Swinecraft' could be a moneyspinner in fairness.


Of course, Shane is almost certainly a funny fabrication, but you can't be mad at this. You can see the rest of Shane's handiwork, here.

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