Restaurant leaves insult on receipt

If you work in a restaurant, it is probably a good idea not to make jokes about your customers on something they'll ultimately see. And so, we go to Shrewsbury, to The Silverton where reviews range from 'lovely' to 'comfortable'.

However, someone there has dropped a clanger, as they changed a customer's name on the receipt to something that contains a dirty word. Whether they put it into the till system for a laugh and forgot to take it off, or if these were particularly grim customers, we don't know, but someone's getting their legs rattled for this.

On the receipt, the surname Shawcross was changed to...


Victoria Whittle posted this on her Facebook, writing: "That awkward moment when the host forgets that what they called your table is printed on the receipt! Then try’s to tell you it’s a spelling mistake !!! Yes I misspell Shawcrosss like this all the time !! ‪#‎youarethewankers."

Ah Silverton staff... rookie, rookie mistake.



  • Gas M.
    Whittle Shawcross Have I missed something?
  • flipperni
    What were they doing to piss the staff off ? Maybe they WERE being Shawankers.
  • Father J.
    I look forward to the Shawankers posting their Thread Of Outrage on Facebook.

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