Puzzled woman gets IDed for quiche in Tesco

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You can be insulted or pleased when you get IDed in a shop. Some coo and think "Oooh! I must look young!" whereas others may well mutter "cheeky twat, saying I look like a child! I've been divorced three times..."

However, for the most part, you understand that these people are just doing their job. You whip out your ID and take away your smokes or booze and no-one gets hurt.

But what about quiche?

First it was the pyjama ban, and now, one poor sod who went to the Tesco at Cannon Park in Coventry got IDed for some quiche.

Christine Cuddihy who happens to be 24 - not that this should matter one jot - was told she couldn’t buy the 50p quiche slice unless she could prove she was over 21. Was it made of knives or something?

She said: “The girl told me: ‘You don’t look over 21. I need to see some proof of age." She went on to say "At first I thought she was joking but her face was deadly serious. I didn’t quite know what to say."

Amusingly, she added: "There was nothing suspicious about me and it’s not even like I was buying a whole quiche to binge on... Tesco should at least give me a free quiche after all this – this time without asking for proof of my age."

Surely the woman serving (who was apparently in her thirties) was having a laugh? Surely she'd been put up to it by another member of staff? Maybe it was her last day and she thought she'd dick around a bit?

Anyway, Tesco have apologised and said there was no reason why Christine was asked to prove her age. A spokesman said: “We’re completely baffled how, or why, this has happened. If you’re buying an age-related product like a knife or a bottle of booze, a prompt will come up on the till, and there obviously isn’t one on quiche." He added: "We couldn’t find the staff member who asked for the ID."



  • Shopdis F.
    2 Monkeys were getting into a bath. One of them says "OH AH OH OH OH AHH AH OH HA" The other replies with "Put some cold in then"
  • Lewiso
    Does not surprise me one little bit, I have been IDed in Tesco too, only I was buying Dr Pepper, to be fair to them it was around Halloween and the bottle I bought had children’s characters on.. oh wait no, bunch of idiots if you ask me!
  • andy y.
    Do shoplifters go for BOGOF's?
  • Alex
    The cashier was obviously doing it for a dare. This makes national newspapers? It'd barely qualify as a story you'd tell your mates in the pub. How many more of these ID-based stories do we need? And I also bloody hope she was being ironic about getting a free quiche out of it.
  • Aidan
    Going through the self-service tills at Asda recently I had to get approval for a 6 pack of Sicillian sausages!
  • mein c.
    @Shopdis Fonzhit No soap, radio!
  • Andy
    @lewiso. Probably for the same reason as eggs. Things like Coke are a bitch to get off of PVC doors.
  • Andrew
    Anyone thought that maybe she just made the story up? Things like this are all too believable now but it's amazing how many people take stories like this on a single persons word despite no evidence, I think it's just because people want to believe the story and therefore accept that it must be true.
  • The B.
    Tesco, is that some sort of congregating place for people who can't be arsed to get dressed or summat? Never go there meself.
  • Tom
    Tesco keep the scum out of Waitrose. Thats their purpose.
  • Jack
    Tom, unless you're trolling you better fuck right off. Tesco is an excellent shop where everyone can shop. Scum wouldn't consider Waitrose at all, even over the BP garage.
  • aged18years
    It used to ask "Is the customer over 40 years old' when you processed a Vodafone contract mobile broadband on the tills at Currys. I don't know if it still does...
  • the m.
    Nothing is suprising anymore.We live in a world where the government is obessed with control. Freedom,huh,it's a thing of the past,pity the lives of our children.
  • Villa
    Maybe the cashier was a lesbian and was wanting some hot girl-on-girl action with some added quiche fetish? You obviously need to be over a certain age for this, hence the ID check.
  • barry w.
    Everyone knows you only have to be 18 to buy a quiche. It's 21 for a flan. When people get things like this wrong it makes me want to shit
  • Wat F.
    lol I got IDed in Boots for a packet of condoms! I'm 56 and been married 6 times for crying out loud!
  • Mike R.
    I grew up in that area. Nice to see the cashiers haven't got any smarter.
  • Idon'twantanyofthoseThankyou!
    # Posted by Villa | February 3rd, 2010 at 9:30 pm Maybe the cashier was a lesbian and was wanting some hot girl-on-girl action with some added quiche fetish? You obviously need to be over a certain age for this, hence the ID check Yup! but the age of consent is 16!
  • Mr. (.
    I'm sure if they were so inclined they could go through their security footage for the evening she says she bought the quiche and find out who served her - even easier if she had her receipt I would've thought. But hey, much easier to just accept an uncorroborated story from 1 person, eh? Suppose we should be glad there's no other news happening in the world.
  • Nobby
    One explaination is that a data entry officer (or keyboard monkey) wrongly keyed this in as an approval item, like alcohol and parcetamol. It would then be flagged up at the till, and the cashier would ask for the age if she was in doubt. My nephew is 24 and is often asked for proof of age for alcohol. I've told him that when he is asked for proof of age, he should always ask for proof of age of the cashier. It is illegal for underage cashiers to sell alcohol without a senior colleagues approval, so if he is asked for proof of age, they should be too. It is amazing how often they cannot prove their age, and a more senior cashier or manager has to come along with proof of their age.
  • LB
    "IDed" - are apple moving into the undertaking marked?
  • Jakobso
    Tesco has the cashier ID printed on the receipt and guess what, each member of staff has their unique cashier ID, so how can they not find the person who served her? Funny the woman didn't make a fuss in the store yet happy enough to sell it to a newspaper. Free quiche? She can buy 10 from the £20 she made from her made up story.
  • Davy W.
    @ Jakabso, at 50P per slice i suggest it would work out as 40 quiche slices for £20.
  • Dave
    I happen to work there, we checked the sales for that day and she made it up. 10 out of 10 for the imagination
  • oapchalky
    In Asda last night got a flashing light at the self service till, A child supervisor keyed in a 24 digit code to allow me to purchase a pair of reading glasses.
  • Madeleine
    I really like your blog, keep posting.
  • gdynia i.
    Let’s be unbiased it isn’t anything new , after reading this blog I wasn't the least bit surprised either.

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