Prague makes special train journey for sad singletons

A single man
A single man

Over in Prague, a place so pretty that it makes you vomit when you look at it, they plan to create a humiliating 'love carriage' on underground trains so single people can find love.

This is a move to try and encourage people to use public transport more. Of course, the mystifying payment system for Prague public transport doesn't help either, where you have to pay for 'time' rather than 'distance'.

Filip Drapal, spokesman for the capital's transport company, told AFP: "People meet there, pass by each other, and if they like one another they can start a relationship. We do not know yet whether the dating car will be the last carriage on each train, and whether it will work [for a] day, a week, or one an hour."

If it works, the trains might have to stop for rubbers on the line.

There are doubters. Commuter Petr Voracek said: "When I'm in a rush, I enter the first open door I see. I should watch out now and make sure no-one starts seducing me."


  • chewbacca
    "The mystifying payment system for Prague public transport doesn’t help either, where you have to pay for ‘time’ rather than ‘distance’." "Mystifying"? Perhaps, if you're a fucking cretin. Many countries use a time system for rail travel, it's not all that exotic. You fucking moron.
  • Billybobjimbob
    "Rubbers"? Jesus, I've not heard that for years.
  • Grammar N.
    @ Billybobjimbob - it's been years since Mof last had need for one.
  • Tim B.
    So you pay for the time spent on the train, rather than the specific performance of getting you to your intended destination? Did they take this pricing model from an escort agency or something?
  • jt
    Their catchy slogan is "The longer the delay, the more you pay"

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