Powdered alcohol - something else to get up you

13 March 2015


Giving a new meaning to the term 'powder keg', powdered alcohol has been approved for sale over in America, which means every other booze nation is probably going to copy them.

The dismally named 'Palcohol' has been invented by some bloke called Mark Phillips (no, not that one) and basically, is a powdered versions of rum, vodka and an assortment of your fave cocktails. We eagerly await the first news stories of someone having an awful time after chopping and snorting 6 lines of tequila.

Why does the world need booze in powder form? Well, the inventor suggests that, if you're an outdoorsy sort, instead of filling your backpack with bottles of booze, you can just take some sachets of booze, just add water and HEY PRESTO! you're getting drunk on top of a hill!

Canny drunks will be thinking about sneaking drink into gigs and the like.

The news hasn't been wholly welcomed in American, with some states already vowing to ban the sale of Palcohol. Either way, you'll be able to buy it online from this summer.

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  • Spencer
    When you watch this or read about it - you'll see that it's completely impractical and far easier and quicker to just drink/smuggle/spike with vodka.

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