Pokemon land at Build-a-Bear!

Pokemon land at Build-a-Bear!

Pokemon is a hot, hot topic right now, and you'll be able to catch some at Build-a-Bear!

The soft toy vendors already have the 'build-your-own' Pikachu, and now, you'll also be able to get your paws on your own Eevee, at stores in the UK, as well as Canada and the United States of America.

Your child has invariably caught wind of this already, and are about to pester you for one of these plush toys.

Yes, we know they're in their mid-twenties and you don't approve of how much they use their phones.

If you're going to buy one of these Eevee toys for yourself, or someone else, you have options - there's a host of additional things like a sound-chip that makes it speak, and a fur-trimmed cape for it to wear.

There's more too, like a special trading card, which will mean more to die-hard Pokepeople.

Get yourself over to Build-a-Bear stat, if you want one of these. Check the website too.

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