Pokemon bath bomb! Catch 'em all!

Pokemon bath bomb!

If you've been swept up in Pokemon fever, dawdling in town centres with your phone looking to catch something that looks a bit like a tortoise, but has flames for a penis or something, you might want to take it to the bath.

We're not talking about playing Pokemon Go in the tub, but rather, someone has made bath bombs for all you Pokemon fiends.

Of course, these bombs will hatch Pokemon when you throw it in - which is pretty cool.

For those of you who care about such things, these bath bombs are made with natural grapeseed oil and shea butter which will make your skin feel nice, as well as epsom salts to sooth your joints after you've been tearing around playing your game.

You'll be able to 'hatch' Pikachu, Horsea, Lickitung, Weezing, Leafeon and Porygon, Squirtle, Caterpie, and Charizard, and more.

We're not really sure what any of this means. We're clearly doing this for the traffic, not that this is a judgement on Pokemon - it all looks like good clean fun to us (especially when you factor in having a bath, like this does).

A set of 6 eggs will cost you £22.60, a set of 3 £11.69, or if you're skint, one will cost you £4.29.

Want one? Well, go and see CreatedByRebeccaLynn on Etsy.

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