Play old Amiga games online!

Play old Amiga games online!

If you're a fan of video games, and are either someone who is of a certain age, or a young person who wants to see what nonsense your parents used to play when they were kids, good news!

You can play over 2,000 Amiga games in your browser, which means you can get stuck into R-Type, Lemmings, Wizball, and more!

No need for an emulator, which is just marvellous.

Now, there is some bad news - a number of games are missing at present, and they're biggies.

If you're thinking of playing Sensible Soccer, Shadow of the Beast, or James Pond, you'll have to look elsewhere we're afraid. Don't shoot the messenger. Or indeed, have a look to see if they're somewhere else online.

What is really great though, is that there's some of the old Amiga music-making programs on there too, such as TechnoSound Turbo, which is worth a look for the name alone.

Same goes for the marvellously named 'Acid House Megamix Trip Disk', which we're about to get into.

Want to have a look? Click here.

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