Pizza Hut sued for 'excessively hard croutons'

2 April 2015

pizza-sign-no-arms Pizza, as you know, is one of the most glorious things on the planet. It is the pinnacle of human achievement. It is the thing most likely to take the skin off the roof of your mouth as you love it too much to ever think about letting it cool down before trying to eat it.

Thanks to this fondness for pizza, us humans treat it far too seriously and one fella decided to sue Pizza Hut over one of theirs.

Everett Chatman was having the time of it at his local establishment and ordered some croutons for his pizza. Yes. Apparently croutons are a thing at Pizza Hut.

Anyway, while he was tucking in, one of these little cubes of diabetes broke part of his dentures, which Chatman said was the fault of what has been described as 'excessively hard croutons' which Pizza Hut had 'negligently' given to him.

Chatman's attorney, Mark Foster, told Roane County News: "We tried to work it out with their insurance company, but they never wanted to talk. So we went ahead and filed."

And now, Chatman can go crazy with croutons as he won his case, bagging himself a very tidy $2,400 (£1,600) in compensation and court costs. If he wants, he can mock Pizza Hut by turning up with dentures that have rock hard croutons in place of all the teeth.

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