Piccadilly Waterstones adds a cinema but staff get pay freeze

waterstones Waterstones’ flagship Piccadilly store in central London’s always-fashionable central London is soon to be equipped with its very own cinema, following an agreement with independent movie gurus Curzon Artificial Eye.

The full details are still sketchy but the cinema is due to open in 2011 and follows on from a similar venture in the Wimbledon branch of HMV (owners of Waterstones). More cinemas in branches of the book chain are planned according to Curzon Artifical Eye. Give us a shout if you’ve visited the one in Wimbledon, because we’re a bit baffled by it all.

Let’s hope HMV and Waterstones staff will be getting discounted entry into the new cinemas – that’s because they’ve found out that none of them will be getting any kind of pay rise in 2010. Sales for both companies have dropped over the past year, and as HMV invests in new, big ideas to help keep things afloat (like the aforementioned cinemas, fashion departments and live events organiser MAMA) the people who keep it all ticking over will be getting nowt.


  • Raphael C.
    Yeah, have been to the cinema in WImbledon - it's really nice. Good films and knowledgeable staff, much better than the nearby multiplex.
  • JP
    One-year pay freeze. How tough! Come to the public sector where we've got a TWO YEAR PAY FREEZE. Not to mention attacks on redundancy terms and yet another review on pensions...
  • Andrew
    Has anyone ever been to a Gamerbase in an HMV store?
  • PokeHerPete
    @Andrew, its not the bit at the back of the store with a few consoles and PCs is it? Its a good idea but just doesn't work well. Everytime Ive seen it, it is usually completely occupied by chavs on the PCs, all 6 on Facebook. Dickheads.
  • PokeHerPete
    They should apply a "No income, no service" to weed most of them out. And I don't mean the weed that they spend their dole money on.
  • GB
    @ JP - Tell me about it, in the Education sector i'm facing not only a pay freeze but a 5% cut, less working hours, less annual leave, less pension and possibly involuntary redundancy with a shit package. Plus we dont even get a Cinema! Waterstones staff don't know they're born.
    Public Sector, two year pay Freeze, so are so hard done by, the private sector 10% reduction in pay and most benefits removes, like pension contributions, no final salary pension in the private sector!!
  • Mr M.
    My heart bleeds for public sector workers...
  • Al
    Wimbledon Curzon is great - the night I went they were offering free wine with film tickets. It's not even that much more expensive than the chavvy Odeon above Morrisons a few doors down... Having said that. I just remembered, there was a powercut at the start of the film, but the free wine meant we didn't kick up too much of a fuss, and it only lasted 5 minutes before the film came on. And the entrance is kinda separate to the HMV - which is nice.
  • Andy D.
    Have any public sector workers had a cinema installed at their place of work recently? Please let us know!
  • donttouchthehair
    "Tell me about it, in the Education sector i’m facing not only a pay freeze but a 5% cut, less working hours, less annual leave, less pension and possibly involuntary redundancy with a shit package. Plus we dont even get a Cinema! Waterstones staff don’t know they’re born." Yeah, let's ignore the fact that Waterstones staff probably get paid less than you anyway, have had massive staff cuts over the past few years (starting with their foolish aquisition of Ottakars), and don't have a pension worth anything. Plus you usually have to work weekends, bank holidays, and over christmas/New Year (but don't expect to be paid extra for it).
  • P.Lop
    "Posted by Mr Miagi | July 14th, 2010 at 4:43 pm My heart bleeds for public sector workers…" Ditto, especially teachers and council employees. Nurses, on the other hand, are another matter...they genuinely are underpaid. I agree with donttouchthehair.
  • William
    "Nurses, on the other hand, are another matter…they genuinely are underpaid." Rubbish! They used to be underpaid but not any more. I've been on the the receiving end of a few of them recently (so to speak) and was definitely not impressed. They may have a degree (who hasn't?) but try getting them to do anything that involves them getting their hands dirty and they run a mile. I know, all generalisations are wrong...
  • Zleet
    I would have thought a coffee shop in a bookshop would have been the smarter option as it would force people to sit and possibly flick through a book.
  • Jonny S.
    Public Sector workers? Just coz they're having their cushy benefits removed they complain!!

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