Parking ticket for wheel barrow

Some traffic wardens are just trying to do a job. They know they're unpopular and that everyone wants to throw them legs first into a wood-chipper, but they quietly get on with their job and try their best to be fair, in what is tantamount to a job that requires them to be largely unfair.

However, some traffic wardens need a boot up the hole. You may remember one traffic warden giving a ticket to a bin - well, another one has been at it, this time, giving a parking ticket to a wheel barrow.


If the driver of the unattended wheel barrow would like to get in touch with Bitterwallet, we'd like to offer you words of consolation and hopefully, your wheel barrow didn't get clamped.

[BBC Leeds]


  • Steve
    Pah, that's nothing. My local wardens issued one to a spaceship a few years back!
  • Han S.
    So someone comes back for the wheelbarrow and takes it away how is the ticket meant to be paid? Eaxactly how will it be enforced? Pointless
  • Albi
    Must be a joke? I bet he's having a laugh with the builders off camera.
  • Jessie J.
    Fake. No number plate no way of knowing who owns the barrow.
  • Raggedy
    It wasn't on double yellows anyway . . .

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