Paramount to build massive theme park in UK

Paramount Theme Park

If you've ever looked at peoples' holiday snaps when they've been to a Disney theme park, or Universal Studios, and turned green with envy, don't worry yourself, because it looks like the UK is getting its own thing!

Paramount wants to throw £2 billion on building a huge theme park, which is apparently double the size of the Olympic Park.

London Paramount Entertainment Resort, the people behind the venture, want to include all the usual stuff, like rollercoasters and rides, carnivals, music shows, live theatre, and of course, a bazillion stands selling chips.

They're hoping to get a whopping 50,000 people through their doors, every single day.

Now, the bad news - it'll be in Kent.

As this is Paramount, you can expect them to have things that revolve around their own films, which means we could have Star Trek rides, things relating to Mission: Impossible, and more!

As the BBC has some deals with Paramount, there's talk of Doctor Who events and rides too - we're hoping that means being able to drive dodgems that look like daleks, where you can shout 'EXTERMINATE!' at your mum.

There could also be Top Gear related things, for those of you who like comfortable brown shoes.

One great thing, if this comes to be, is that it will create around 27,000 jobs. If you live in London, the area that is being looked at, is only 17 minutes away on the train.

The theme park will be in the Swanscombe Peninsula, which is not far from Dartford and Gravesend, and if all goes to plan, it'll be open in 2021.

Fenlon Dunphy, chief financial officer of London Resort Company Holdings, said: 'This is going to have a hugely significant impact on the economy – we will dovetail into a lot of the other attractions in the area."


  • Scooby252

    shame they can't buy some of that sunshine state weather to hang over this new place

  • Scooby252

    shame they can't buy some of the sunshine state to hang over this new place

  • rjt

    Where's the news in this? This has been knocking around for 2 years, and the park's not due to open until 2021...

    • NfleetGnomes

      They only have one missing ingredient - the finance (and someone to buy/run it when it is built). Go and check how much money euro Disney loses each year. 27,000 jobs (disputed) how many on zero hours contracts? Most visitors 70%+ visit in just 2 months of the year, where will the jobs come from the rest of the year? No mention of the potential 4/5000 job losses when the trading estates that are in the way get CPO's to make way -These  are real jobs. Figures quoted for this development have been quoted as £1.8bn, then £2.5bn, followed by £3.2bn. Last week the chairman quoted £6bn and now this week the cost is £2bn. So clearly the costings have been worked out quite carefully. DCO planning application date has been put back several times we are all eagerly awaiting confirmation expected imminently of the latest revised date expected to be sometime next year. The news reports seem to get updated more often than their website info. Local residents also welcome all visitors to the largest traffic jams in the country coming over the Dartford crossing, past the queues for Bluewater on their way to the theme park. Oh do not think you can go to Euro Disney on Eurostar instead as the nearest station Ebbsfleet will require you to join the same queues to get to that station as heading for the theme park. We wish them every success in their "Mission Impossible" 

      • RS2OOO

        On the plus side, if it puts £100k on your house you could sell up and move somewhere nice!

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