Olympic tickets to be flown in from the USA

8 February 2012


Here’s the news – the Olympics are coming! Yes, in case you didn’t know, the Olympic Games are coming to That London, and some other places around the country. It’s a celebration of all things British, and should prove to be a major shot in the arm for our economy. Oh, except for the ticket-printing industry.

That’s because the ELEVEN MILLION tickets that will be doled out to slavering Olympic fans will all be printed in Fort Smith, Arkansas, The United States Of A. That’s 16 tonnes of tickets, all of which will have to be flown 4,500 miles by airfreight. They’ll then be dispatched to the lucky purchasers – who will be paying a £6.00 postage charge.

If a piece in the Evening Standard is to be believed, it could well be that some major UK ticketing companies were not even offered the chance to bid for the Olympic gig, although whether that is sour grapes is up for debate. But it seems a shame that such a large piece of work for the London Games is being outsourced abroad. Or does it? TELL US.


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  • Dick
    TELL US - Surely we should TELL UK. And what's the problem with outsourcing the Olympics to the US? Most of the winners will be coming from there, so the majority of the gold will be going that way anyway.
  • DoubleBack
    outsource the whole Olympics. Just get it away from here.
  • The B.
    Playing Daley Thomson's Decathlon on the Spectrum is starting to sound more entertaining than the debacle in July. So what did happen to the Wowcher thread then?
  • Mike H.
    Who gives a shit? The olympics is a farce. Complete waste of money. It'll cost the country a fortune and what the fuck are we going to do with all the fucking stadiums when they it's finished? Who the fuck is going to want to watch cycling round a fucking banked track?
  • Mike H.
    Check out QWOP, takes more skill than some talentless, drugged up dick wads engaged in what is essentially a glorified 'Sports Day' You just want to go to the Olympics so you can put it on your facebook page. Then 'tweet' some bulshit about how great you are from your iPhone. Prick.
  • Boris
    The Olympics will be as exciting as a two week long orgasm; you have my word on it. Don't worry about the ticketing thing, there is no need to investigate any further as everything is above board and so on. It helps save British jobs in some whay that's no easy to explain to those of you that don't have a degree in economics and politics like what I have. I categorically did not confuse Weldon, Williams & Lick with a wild west whorehouse.
  • zeddy
    100m in 11.5-ish secs? That's shite. I managed it in 8.47 secs over 20 years ago. The press seemed to get all excited when Bolt came nowhere near it a few years ago.
  • Ken
    Don't believe a word Boris says, if the Olympics were left in my capable hands every Londoner would have free tickets, free travel and free beer. Of course their council tax would go up by 3000% but that's progress for you.
  • Dick
    > The Olympics will be as exciting as a two week long orgasm; you have my word on it. I would imagine that is quite painful, and very dehydrating.
  • wingZero
    WTF IS DIS REAL??? Seriously UK Government fail again.... wingZero

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