Odeon offer family ticket for under £30

Odeon offer family ticket for under £30

Going to the cinema can be expensive, especially if you're taking the whole family with you. There's a lot of blockbuster films coming out for the kids (we're looking at you, Finding Dory), so anything that saves you money is helpful.

Odeon have been looking at getting you through their doors, and have come up with a new family bundle.

For £30 (or, in some cities it is £25 if you're lucky), you can get a film, food and drink for a family of four and it runs 'til September 8th 2016.

If you're a family of three, there a separate deal for you, where you get a film, food, and drink, for £26.

Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham are the selected cities where things are cheaper, so you pay £25 for a family of four, or £21 if you're a family of three.

There are some cinemas that have been excluded from the deal, which are: Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Panton Street, and Tottenham Court Road's The Lounge at Whiteleys.

If this sounds like just the thing for you, then find your local Odeon here.

Remember though - if there are other cinemas in your area, it is worth checking their websites to see if they have any deals.

Vue Cinemas however have a nationwide £1.60 entry for children on weekend mornings, and if you're a My Cineworld member, your children can get in for £2.

We can't guarantee your child won't cause a massive scene once you get to the cinema itself - that's for you to sort out.

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