Now your feet control the television

6 March 2009

Old people may complain the buttons on remote controls are too small and fiddly; fat people with sausage fingers may lack the dexterity.  Here's a device that means everyone wins; the elderly stay nimble, the porkers sweat some weight off, and everyone stays in control of your televisual pleasure:


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  • Robin
    What about people in wheelchairs?! You'd be changing to BBC1 and by the time you'd got back to the usual space it would have changed to 4 and then 7! Who wants to be settling down for a nice intelectually stimulating evening with QI only do be switched to Snog Marry or Avoid on BBC3?! Ughh! I will be contacting the DDA about this! You hear me?!
  • Zeddy
    Too much bother. I'm just as happy playing with my little 4 incher.
  • P E.
    no need to brag :o(
  • Rob
    Shouldnt a remote control have no wires. FAIL
  • Andre
    @ Rob - Original remote controls were is still remote as you dont need to be as close to whatever...

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