Now Looper gets a director's commentary... for the cinema

Looper_director_Rian_Johnson_releases_commentary_download We’re all familiar with the director’s commentary – it’s the bit on the DVD that we rarely bother with. But how about a director’s commentary that you can take into the CINEMA? Wow, incredible, amazing, etc.

It’s for real and it’s courtesy of Rhian Johnson, director of the critically-acclaimed hit Looper – a downloadable commentary track for aficionados of the film to play along with on their phones or MP3 players as the film begins. They’ll then get to hear Johnson rambling on for the duration of the time-travel saga.

Obviously, it might be best for fans who have already seen the film at least once and who are keen to know more about what the frigging hell is going on. But as a way of getting scores of fans to fork out for another ticket and bring in extra box office revenue, it’s a pretty nifty and we doubt it'll be the last time it happens.


  • James A.
    Well, if you are a Cineworld Unlimited card-holder, it won't cost an extra penny.
  • Justin A.
    Would the booming surround sound in a cinema make it hard to hear the commentary though?
  • stu
    Justin not if you have the amazing new apple earbuds.

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