Nivea's seagull that craps on you

Nivea's seagull that craps on you

With the sun out, there'll be a lot of people making sure that you've got suncream on.

Of course, not everyone likes wearing it, either through a need to act hard, or because the feeling of cream on your skin makes you a bit nauseous.

Well, Nivea came up with a novel solution to this - a robot seagull that craps it out onto you.

Nivea call this 'Care From the Air', which basically features a remote-control bird that defecates suncream all over you. Specifically, it aims its bumhole at children, which is a sentence we didn't envision writing.

Here's a fun thing - Nivea aren't keen on people seeing it.

A representative from Jung von Matt/Elbe, who are the advertising agency that came up with this, said: "The PR department of the client doesn't want PR for it, so we do not promote it."

So of course, it is our duty to share the video with you.

Pull up a chair, get yourself a snack, and laugh as a peculiar looking seagull empties its bowels all over a load of children on a beach.

Just marvellous.

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  • olpeculier

    Envisage, don't think envision is even a word.

    Just sayin...

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