Nike make LED swoosh boots for show-offs

Nike have made some snowboarding boots that have a LED version of their swoosh on the side, a bit like those LA Gear that lit up way back when.

Wanna see?

Nike say: "Impressive enough standing still, these LED-adorned beauties will mesmerize crowds as they rotate through the night sky at this season’s biggest snowboard competition finals. The swoosh’s 30 LEDs are powered by an embedded lithium ion battery, and it’s on/off switch is conveniently located atop the boot’s cuff so you can go UFO whenever the mood strikes."

Are you one of those outrageous show-offs who would actually wear a pair of these or would you see someone in them and pour pints on their feet in the hope the owner gets small electric shocks up their legs?

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  • Marty M.
    These remind me of the boots in back to the future 2, wish they would actually make some of those.

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