New underpants filter out the dreadful smells that emit from beneath

Some of you have terrible bowels, enough to make people gag on three floors of a superstore. When it stops being funny, the watering eyes and dry wretches mean that you need help. With that , there's a new range of underwear for you.

The Shreddies pants contain Zorflex, which is used in chemical warfare suits, and its makers claim they can filter pongs that are 200 times stronger than the average ‘wind’. The carbon material in these scads is apparently reactivated every time the get washed.

Here's a promotional photograph from the company explaining what you can do in these wonder-gruds.


A spokesperson at Shreddies says: "Although Shreddies has got cheeky with the new campaign, to many people they still remain very much a healthcare product and have helped so many cope with conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s and food intolerances. But the bottom line is that Shreddies are for everyone, after all, it’s something we all do."

"Flatulence seriously affects millions of people every day and since 2008 Shreddies has been helping those affected increase their quality of life. We have found the answer to help alleviate the most obvious symptom of flatulence… the odours."

It isn't clear whether grannies knit them or not.


  • Mike O.
    "But the bottom line is that Shreddies are for everyone," Oh, ha, bloody ha. Bottom line my arse.
  • Captain.Cretin
    This story is so old it even smells stale. Various websites reported the Japanese launch of this product MONTHS ago.
  • Captain P.
    Arse magic!
  • fibbingarchie
    I'd quite like to stick my face in her arse.
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Breathe deep......
  • fox f.
    But that still means you have to pretend you are hand bell ringing to muffle the sound. Really clever pants inventors would have solved that one, #fail
  • fox f.
    ..oh wait theres an app for that!
  • Ian W.
    I'd prefer it if her face was in my bum
  • Mark S.
    I like to smell horse arse

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