Nando's serve 'extra cheese' in a strange way

We all know that Nando's is a load of pish, and that anyone who refers to it as 'cheeky' should be skinned in the street... but that doesn't stop people from going their in their droves. One lady, called Katherine Engler, nipped in at the London Brent Park branch, and got herself a chicken wrap with extra cheese.

When it arrived, she felt the need to post a picture of her meal on the internet. Nowt unusual there, as everyone does that these days. Thing is with Katherine's meal, is that she wasn't showing it off because it looked amazing.


Her Facebook status read: "Nando's Brent Park - Not quite what I had in mind when answering yes, after the server asked me if I wanted to add a slice of cheese to my Chicken Wrap….!"

While this is a slightly embarrassing oversight by the kitchen at this particular Nando's, it isn't nearly as troubling as someone who orders chips and has zero wet with them.

If that plate of food was a concert, you'd boo.

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  • Extra S.
    I wud lyk to wurk at nandoez. can know to put cheez in sandwich lolz innit yo

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