Nando's breakfast anyone?

Nando's breakfast anyone?

Some people see Nando's as a last resort, serving chicken that just isn't greasy enough with minging hot-sauce.

Others meanwhile, think that it is the greatest thing ever and get impossibly excited at the mere mention of the fast food restaurant.

For the latter, did you know Nando's do breakfast?

This is not a rumour - there's photographic evidence and everything. Twitter user NuttyStar83 has some snaps of the whole thing, and you can look at them right here.


There has to be a catch right?

Well, there is - it seems that this breakfast menu is only available at the one in the Gatwick South Terminal.

So basically, airport Nando's is your best chance at a breakfast. However, this is likely to meme among people who are want a Nando's Black Card or keep saying 'cheeky' in reference to it.

If it memes, then Nando's might roll it out.

And yes, you can eat peri-peri chicken, as well as 'Corny Browns' (that'd be hash browns with corn in them), or you could chew your way through chicken fillet pieces with some poached eggs and peri-hollandaise.

Sounds alright doesn't it?

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