Monster: the Satanic energy drink

monster-666_400px You thought Monster was just a horrible tasting drink full of stuff to get you hopped up when you've got to go to work with a lousy hangover didn't you?


Monster, it turns out, is the work of Satan himself. Don't believe us? Well, a Christian American (who else?) has proven that the energy drink is the antichrist of liquids.

The Monster Energy logo looks like three Hebrew vavs, which is a number 6 in Hebrew and, not only that, the company's slogan is 'Unleash the Beast', you know, like THE BEAST from the Bible. The number... of the beast... 666... oh my, it is all true. There's also profanity and other theories surrounding it.

Of course, the Monster/Satan link has been a trope online for various internet nutcases, but instead of listening to us while we fashion our tinfoil hats, listen to the nice lady as she explains it all.

[via DangerousMinds]


  • Jazzuk777
    If she REALLY knew her bible and her bible scholarship, she'd (and maybe Monster's marketers?) know that the number has been historically mistranslated and should be 616... Anyone know what 664 means? Neighbour of the beast...
  • jim
    oh dear, this is why all religion is bullshit. the devil? the devil selling drinks? ffs grow up you muppets
  • B1zarroPrim3
    Crazy Christian Americans... If they did their research they'd already know about the energy drink, Red Devil.
  • samuri
    and que the spewking of the cherries
  • Jessie J.
    Red Bull don't give you wings either. Now that is the work of the devil!!

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