Men! Check out this sickening half-thong

Men. Have you ever looked down at your nether regions and thought - 'these underpants... there's just too much of them. People should be able to see more of my junk'.

Well, if you went from boxers to jockeys, to briefs to a high cut tanga thong, and found yourself still too covered up for your own liking, then how about this utterly ghastly product?

wtf thong

As you can see, you can get your hands on a half-thong affair, which proudly show off most of your groin and one whole buttock. Of course, it you have a spotty arse and a bit of a gut, these sorry undercrackers will look even worse. If a model can't make them look the part, the rest of us don't stand a chance.

That said, we're sure to give some kind of prize to anyone who is mental enough to wear these down the beach this summer. We'll probably vomit up our pelvis too.

If you are a weirdo and want a pair, you can get them on eBay for around a dollar. Bitterwallet accepts no responsibility for everyone suddenly ignoring you.


  • God
    Not to mention the terrible ball ache from the side of the scrot taking all the pressure.
  • Jack S.
    And when you start getting a semi looking at the blonde on the bus, theres no room for expansion
  • God
    You are of course assuming he isnt already aroused from being photo'ed in the near buff.
  • Rodders
    Ok, they might not be very fashionable or practical but I would hardly call them sickening, what could be described as sickening is the $530 postage! For that sort of money I want the model as well.
  • wnaking m.
    It's enough to turn you to wildlife
  • So w.
    Eh, I like it. Easy on the eyes alright!
  • karenannanina
    I would wear one if I could figure out what to attach it to.... Or maybe I could buy two and sew them together? =)
  • asalamancafrias
    Really ? Does anyone wear it ?
  • Sally
    soooo hot i hav one and men should get for pool
  • Paul G.
    Such a hot style, love wearing it to the pool, to tan in and in the locker room...... Gets me a LOT of attention!

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