Meaty Trumps: A Christmas present of unsettling proportions

Struggling to get your loved one the perfect Christmas gift (oh, stop complaining about people talking about the festive period in November - we're only a payday away from it) this year?

Want something that says: 'I think you're so great and contented that you need to be reminded of how cruel the world is.'

Well, welcome to Meaty Trumps, which is Top Trumps for those who loathe Tories and want to be reminded of everyone in the '70s who sexually assaulted children! You can buy a 'Tory Scum' set or the Meaty Trumps 'British Nonces' pack.

meaty trumps


The company themselves say:

"Meaty Trumps was one of the first trump card games to be designed and mass-produced in England. My father, Harald Lutyan, designed and manufactured seven of the original sets between 1973–1977. These 1970s packs are still sought after today."

"Meaty Trumps have been revived in 2014 under my supervision and in conjunction with Brown Jewel. The new editions take the same form as the originals – each pack consisting of 54 full-colour trump cards in a box. Each set is a limited edition of 2,000. Designed in Lancashire, England."

Meaty Trumps also offer 'Modern Despots', 'Recreational Drugs' and 'Shit Ideas' too, among others. If this sounds like your things and you have £8 to spare, click here.



  • Fat H.
    Tory Scum, does that include half of New Labour?
  • Louise
    I can see the Daily Hate are up in arms about "British Nonces", sigh. Luckily most people commenting are sane enough to ridicule them for making a story out of nothing.

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