McDonald's to try out bigger Big Macs


Earlier in the year, McDonald's in Saudi Arabia tried out a thing where they offered customers a range of differently sized Big Macs.

There was the usual Big Mac, as well as the smaller Mini Mac, and the larger Grand Mac.

The trial must have gone down well, as the fast food chain is now going to bring this idea to America. If the Americans go for it, then we can assume that they'll be throwing these at the mouths of the UK in the coming months.

Or, of course, they could give us all-day breakfasts so we can eat a sausage and egg McMuffin whenever we liked, rather than missing out on them because you got up a bit late, thanks to being on the pop the night before.

Honestly McDonald's - sort it out.

Anyway, as far as prices go for the USA campaign, the giant Big Mac will sell for $4.89 (£3.40). Great news for greedy guts. However, if you've always wanted a Big Mac, but they look a bit much, then the single layer Mac Jr. will sell for around $2.39 (about £1.70).

Scott Nickell, who is a big cheese at McDonald's, says: "The Big Mac is a McDonald's icon and a great-tasting sandwich. We listened to our customers who told us they wanted different ways to enjoy the one-of-a-kind Big Mac taste."

"We've seen success in this market with regional innovations, including Chicken McGriddles, and we are proud to test this newest menu item that provides our customers with choices that fit their needs."

Could you go for one of those giant Big Macs?

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  • fagin

    Crock of shit statement from macdonalds about their items being "occasional" treats with the jumbofication ..i'm guessing the staff will be automatically pushing to XL the remainder of you meal accordingly ....FFS wanky livers of bone filled mush, not grade A beef by the time it has been macerated.

    no flavour , no quality & a case of the Mc shite's on the toilet tereafter

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