McDonald's to offer 'a fine dining experience'

13 February 2013

McDonald's is what it is. If you want familiar, super-quick food that is gloriously bad for you, served in satisfying Americana boxes and bags, you know where you need to be.

However, McDonald's like tinkering more than Claudio Ranieri, and are always trying to act like your best friend. So what are they up to now? Well, one restaurant in Australia is going to offer customers a 'fine dining experience', which sounds as awful as eating a Creme Egg with a spoon.

The deal is this: customers who buy a premium meal between 5pm and 8pm will have it served to them on a china plate by a waiter or waitress. They can eat a Big Mac with a knife and fork and drink their milkshake out of a glass, dabbing at their gobs with a cloth napkin.

Glenn and Katia Dwarte, owners of the franchise in Warilla said: "Everyone seems to be loving it."

There's obviously a lot of stoners in Warilla.

This couple are always looking at ways of drumming up business for Ronald McDonald (CEO of the burger chain) as they have previously created an app which allowed customers to order and pay for their meal before entering the restaurant. That seems like a good idea, but eating a McDonald's meal from a plate is against nature itself.

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  • Sicknote
    Ok, I see a market for this.... Imagine if you will...the young & spotty Vauxhall Corsa driver wearing his best track suit, white trainers and best knock off Burberry baseball cap firmly planted on the back of his skull. Now I want you to imagine his 14 year old heavily pregnant girlfriend clad in a crushed velvet bright pink tracksuit, fake UGG boots with the baby bump bulging forth. He puts down his gourmet McDonald's 1/4 pounder with cheese, he drops to his knee and from his tracksuit top pulls the a small box marked with 'Elizabeth Duke'.....he fumbles to open it and therein is the finest 9 carat gold ring with 1 carat cubic zirconia stone. In a muffled tone he asks his young debutante..."will you marry me...?"
  • Pizza_D_Action
    "which sounds as awful as eating a Creme Egg with a spoon." You are joking right??? Eating a Creme Egg with a spoon is the best and only way to eat one....
  • Sicknote
    @Pizza_D_Action Last time I took a straw pole of my fellow commuters on the tube the most popular way to eat a Cadburys Cream egg was to slip it up your arse and then jog for about 2 miles. Yummy...yummy..up the bummy...
  • shiftynifty
    Fuckers...teaching us the proper way to just ain`t right...
  • Angry R.
    @Sicknote Why would 'Wayne' (or 'Kyle' or whatever) do that? When him and his fat lazy oxygen-thieving slag of a missus can rock up to a local AYCE hovel (Taybarns being a fine example of such) and fill their faces like Slimer off of Ghostbusters. Only once he's had his fill of gourmet carvery with chips and pizza and burgers on the side, will he then even consider the thought. But then probably swerve it as his Mum never married any of the 'uncles' that used to be round all the while (often more than one at once) and it never did her any harm.....
  • Dick
    So you can have your wedding meal in there with proper plates to look posh, so long as it is between 5pm and 8pm?
  • delrio
    didn't the wimpy chain do this? all day every day?
  • Sicknote
    How am I going to throw a large milkshake on the floor when it's in a glass now; it's great to do and then get your brother to arrive about 30 seconds later and slip - free MaccyShitFood for a year me thinks.

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