McDonald's serve garlic fries

McDonalds garlic

McDonald's are doing what they do best, and that is to offer a new and exciting grease product to hardly anyone. Honestly, have you ever known a chain to purposefully withhold products (still waiting for a McRib here) and only put specials on in specific areas.


Anyway, if you're in the Bay Area of San Francisco, you can get some very handsome looking Gilroy Garlic Fries. Basically, they're your normal Maccies chips, but covered in garlic and olive oil, Parmesan cheese, parsley, and a bit of salt.

What's this Gilroy business about? Well, that part of California is referred to by some as 'The Garlic Capital of the World'.

And this being McDonald's, instead of letting everyone enjoy this treat, it'll only be available in four restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a trial. If that works, then it'll be rolled out to around 250 restaurants in the rest of the Bay Area over summer.

If previous trials done by McDonald's are anything to go off, everyone else can whistle if they think they're having any.

We all know that McDonald's are not the power they once were, and some believe it is something to do with us all being healthier - we think that's a nonsense.

Junk food has never been this fashionable, and while Burger King and KFC offer comforting uniformity, burger joints are cropping up all over the place, doling out huge amounts of guilt-inducing, but delicious brown grease.

And there's McDonald's, unable to serve a bloody breakfast any time after 10.30am.

Anyway, these fries look nice - definitely worth making at home, if McDonald's aren't going to sell them to us.

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