Man turns mobility scooter into Coca-Cola Christmas truck

Before you start getting angry about something Christmas-related, and saying "URGH! IT GETS EARLIER EVERY YEAR AND I'M SICK OF IT!", read the whole article first.

A leukaemia patient in Lincoln has made a little truck that looks like the Coca-Cola Christmas truck, which they'll drive around in a bid to raise money for research into the disease.

Barrie Hall, who has suffered from the illness for some years now, assembled the truck with the help of local businesses, and was built around a mobility scooter. It is rather impressive looking - if Bitterwallet had to make one, it would be more likely to be a cardboard box sellotaped to a rollerskate.


Talking to the Lincolnshire Echo, he said: "When I thought of the idea I never expected to get it off the ground but after I approached Coca-Cola and was given the go-ahead I started asking businesses for their help."

"It has taken more the last eight months to get it finished and I have had the help of a lot of local companies who have been fantastic to me. I cannot thank them enough for their generosity."

"I want to raise awareness of Leukaemia and raise money for more research into the disease."

Barrie will start his rounds in Lincoln on November 4th, after the success of last year when he dressed as Santa in tribute to his wife, who died five years ago from mouth cancer.

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