Man tries to carry stolen 42inch telly – on his bike

Stewart-James-Wright If you’re going to walk into a house and steal a MAHOOOOSIVE telly, you’d better make sure there’s plenty of room in the car boot.

In fact, you’d better make sure you have a getaway car in the first place, rather than a.. er, push bike.

This didn’t occur to bungling burglar Stewart James Wright of Middlesborough, who decided to steal the TV from a student house after seeing a door was open.

Pleased with his quick thinking, he carried the enormous telly out of the door, but was stopped by police further up the road when he was spotted trying to balance the 42 inch beast on the handlebars.

It’s not the first time that this light-fingered klepto has stolen things and been caught. In fact, the raucous robber has been nicked for a grand total of 192 offences during his illustrious career, and has appeared in court 80 times.

He’d just completed a year in prison after a fed up judge had sentenced him with the immortal words: ‘the public needs a rest from your activities.’

Still, you’ve got to admire his chutzpah.


  • jim
    nothing to admire - guy is a leech on society. yeah its funny hes a crap thief i suppose. meh
  • OlPeculier
    It's Middlesbrough...
  • Slacker
    > It’s Middlesbrough… Having lived there for six months myself I would echo the above comment - nothing more to be said really!

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