Man takes a leak in Morrisons freezer

1 March 2016

morrisons Even for those of you who really hate Morrisons, we suspect that you wouldn't translate your ire into having a slash in one of their freezers.

That's what one person did, in glamorous Stockport, although we think it might be to do with drinking ale, rather than unswerving hatred at a supermarket. Video footage shows the chap getting his 'chap' out, and taking a leak in one of the freezers, at the store on Edgeley Road.

We don't know for sure that he was drunk, but having seen the clip, let us just say that he looks a bit unsteady on his feet.

Of course, the person who shot the video on their phone, you can hear their views as an eye witness too. And then there's the people who walk by, quite amazed by what they're seeing (just in case anyone wanted to make a joke about this sort of thing happening all the time in the North of England).

Apparently, our leaky pal broke a load of stuff while waddling around the supermarket, including wine bottles. Someone else said that he'd been chucking his guts up in a freezer. What a remarkable day they must have had.

And if you want to watch the video, the Manchester Evening News has it. Click here to see it.

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