Man spends £1,000 trying to win Nando's competition... which had already ended

2 January 2014

nandos Christopher Poole isn't a man who likes to read the small print and found out the hard way that it is always worth doing. You see, Poole spent £1,000 trying to win a Nando’s black card (which gives you free disappointing meals for life) before realising the competition had closed.

A few years ago, Nando's ran a promotion which would offer a black card to anyone who could prove they'd eaten in all of the company's 1,031 chains around the globe.

Sadly for Christopher Poole, he found out the competition had ended after completing 85 visits to the branches in the UK, spending £1,000 and presumably having stools so liquid, he could shit through tights.

"I heard about this competition to eat at every Nando’s branch and thought it sounded right up my street,’ he said. "I love chicken and eat in there a couple of nights a week anyway, so decided to embrace the challenge. I’d do anything to get my hands on a card giving me free chicken."

After gaining a stone in weight and clogging all his arteries up, Nando's gave Poole some vaguely good news and said that they would honour the prize of the competition... but only if he can complete the global challenge.

"Once I have done the UK, I am then going to move onto Australia where there are around 300 [restaurants]. I am hoping to do as many as I can in just 40 days – I plan on eating Nando’s for every meal," he tragically declared. "I have started to receive requests from random people who invite me to join them for food in their local Nando’s. I’ve been invited on about ten Nan-dates so far, and it’s great to meet new people who love their food as much as I do."

Presumably, Nando's expansion worldwide is so rapid at the moment that Poole may never get to the end of his quest without actually dying of a massive heart attack in the process, which is a lovely thought for a throwaway 'and finally...' story. Still, he's only himself to blame.

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  • Ian M.
    It was in Metro according to your link, so is this actually serious? It sounds like something Newsthump would publish!

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