Man not impressed that Domino's called him a 'Bell End'

There's Alan Bell, minding his own business and ordering a pizza from Domino's. On checking the receipt, like you do, Alan found that they'd besmirched his good name.

On his pizza receipt, he found that they'd put 'Bell End' on the order screen. And here it the offending article.


Alan said: "I was disgusted and annoyed".

He'd ordered himself a large pepperoni pizza for £9.99 from the branch in Bushey, Hertfordshire (no jokes about 'Bushey' please, there's enough name trouble in this article as it is). He said: "I went into the store and ordered a pizza and following the usual procedure I gave my name as Bell."

"I then went next door to buy a few bits before I went back in to check on my order. I then realised they had put down the name "Bell End". I asked if the manager was present and he came out and I said "excuse me, one of your employees has put "Bell End" down as my name and he just said "so"?"

"I said it was insulting my family name and I asked whether he was going to do anything about it. He said it was a human error and then became quite aggressive."

"I then asked the cashier, who was only about 18, whether he knew what a "bell end" is? I said "it's a p***k isn't it? So you're putting me up there as a p***k". He just shrugged his shoulders. He said he thought it was funny and didn't seem apologetic."

He added: "I am a man of the world and like a joke but I thought the attitude of the manager was a disgrace. He insulted my family name. I was offered a £25 voucher from Domino's by way of compensation which I thought was a bit of an insult. I think if you complained about not getting enough pepperonis you would have got the same response. I really just wanted an apology but I thought it was a bit of a token gesture."

He then delivered the fatal blow: "I will now use Pizza Hut instead."

The outcome of this, is that when asked, a spokesman for Domino's said that the worker in question has since been fired for his inappropriate behaviour.


  • Gas M.
    Pizza rage, smash that shit up.
  • Father J.
    "I was offered a £25 voucher from Domino’s" So, enough for a bag of chips then. Seems fair. After all, only bellends with more money than sense eat the astronomically-priced, at best mediocre crap served up at yr local Dominos franchise.
  • colt1209
    TOSSERS, will never use them aain
  • not b.
    will not use you;s again
  • Dacouch
    and this ladies and gentlemen is quite literally a Bell End. "The outcome of this, is that when asked, a spokesman for Domino’s said that the worker in question has since been fired for his inappropriate behaviour".
  • Rhi
    Man gets called a bell end, reacts by being a massive bell end.
  • Dennis C.
    You can't imagine the problems I have at Domino's.
  • Eva G.
    Me to Dennis, Me too!
  • Man w.
    He says he's a "man of the world," but is he really? And in my experience anyone who says they "like a joke" invariably don't.
  • Dom N.
    I don't see the issue. Anybody who frequently frequents Dominos must be a knob, so being called Bell End seems kinda appropriate.
  • Lewis
    a kid who is working for minimal wage trying to have a little laugh, which does not hurt anybody, expect yourself being a little bitch and crying about a joke, probs get him sacked, well done sir hope it was worth it, it's called being the bigger man
  • GSD
    Dominoes' business will soon collapse like.... a row of dominoes
  • GSD
    I knew that story rang a bell...
  • Father J.
    It's not like they sprinkled peanuts on his pizza or anything.

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