Man gets out of parking fine thanks to doodle!

Lidl parking drawing

Parking fines are one of the single most irritating things on the planet. One shopper at Lidl was slapped with a £90 fine. Nothing new there, but this guy got out of it thanks to a daft drawing.

Steve Crowley, a teacher, 40, was sent a demand which asked him to prove he'd shopped at his local Lidl near Bristol. He couldn't find a receipt, so he decided to send them a drawing.

He wanted to overturn his fine, and customers are allowed 90 minutes of free parking, so a receipt is needed to prove that you're actually a shopper, rather than some non-customer chancing their arm.

The sketch features his family, with a speech bubble that says: "Hey kids! It's approximately 12.30pm on 01.04.16! Time to go shopping!" Included, was also a Lidl worker, having a smoke.

It looks like this.

The doodle was emailed, and Lidl felt it was enough and overturned the fine!

Athena ANPR Ltd, who were acting on behalf of Lidl, replied: "Thank you for your email in regards to the above parking charge.We can confirm that the above parking charge has been cancelled."

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    How very Joe Lycett!

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