Man fined for headbutting sausage roll machine

sausage rolls Sausage roll news now, and a baker has been prosecuted for head-butting a sausage roll machine in anger when it stopped working properly.

The baker, Shane Thompson who is 22, had been working on the £27,000 computer-controlled machine, and something went awry, he lost his mind and head-butted the display screen

He head-butted with such force, he created a crack measuring six by four inches on the display scren

His bosses reckon it would cost £3,204 to fix, Prosecutor Kathryn Reeve told the court in Scarborough.

It was at his time at Yorkshire Baker, which he'd been happily working at for 17 months previously, where he lost his bap.

His former bosses docked £295 from his wages to cover the cost of the damage and wanted the £2,909 balance, the court heard. Defending solicitor Robert Vining said: “The defendant is at a total loss to understand how butting a glass screen and cracking it results in that piece of equipment being worthless."

“He admits he became frustrated with the equipment. It was not making the pastry properly so he lost his temper and head-butted the glass screen and cracked it.”

We've all done it, yeah?

He was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £720 compensation towards the cost of repairing the machine. Thompson has since found a new job as ride operator at Flamingo Land theme park.

Is there anyone on Earth with a better CV than Shane Thompson? We're quite serious.


  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Excellent CV ....oh and where is juicy lucy these days...?
  • Barky
    I wonder if this is the same man who last year was jailed for feeding a sausage roll to a police horse? He may have serious sausage roll issues
  • trickydickyshiftyniftysbrother
    Hi Shiftyniftys`shadow.....yeah ...where is Juicy Lucy...probaly back at uniy
  • Soronery
    Young people today - tsk. In my day I'd have put an axe through it.
  • fuqstix
    Barky, it was a Tesco sausage roll and thus contained horse, so therefore he was forcing the horse to commit cannibalism. The Monster.
  • mooch
    Now he's in charge of more machinery? Excellent.
  • LD
    L-E-G-E-N-D !

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