Man finds gigantic snake in his Corn Flakes

Breakfast time is either absolutely manic (if you have kids or you like to do star-jumps while you eat) or a calm period of reflection where you skim read the news while slurping coffee.

Well, if you live in exotic countries where everything is designed to kill you, things can be a little different.

One fella in Australia, who has a regrettable moustache, was going about his business and found that his Corn Flakes had been replaced with a massive snake.

Jared Smith was in his Sydney apartment when he spied at diamond python having a nice time in his cereal box. Yes, 'python having a nice time in his cereal box' sounds a bit dirty.

He told The Daily Telegraph: "I peeked in the box, saw its head pop out, and that’s when I dropped my food on the counter and bolted for the door. The python was over two metres long and I couldn't believe it was jammed into this small cereal box."

"When I got there I actually had to tear the box to get it out, that’s how tightly squeezed in it was. It’s likely it was hiding in there to feel secure".

Now, these particular snakes aren't venomous, but they're snakes, so they can bite and they look so frightening that it can turn your blood into ice. Mercifully, the story ends with a professional beast handler coming to rescue it and return it to the bush land.

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  • monkkeyhanger
    Must have been a corn snake!

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