Man finds cigarette butt in his sardines

fish cigarette A man called David Mason sat down to eat some sardines on toast. Then, giving a whole new meaning to the idea of smoked fish, he says he found a cigarette butt among his meal.

Mason has bought a tin of Lidl own brand sardines in tomato sauce (45p, if you're wondering) and got stuck in before (drumroll please) he KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING FISHY GOING ON (ahthankyou).

David said: "It was just a normal lunch time sardines on toast thing. I sat down at my dinner table to have them."

"I was chewing them as normal but I could tell something wasn't the usual fish texture. Then I tasted tobacco. I am not a smoker but recognised the flavour. I started to gag and spat the foreign item out."

"On closer inspection the item was quite simply a fag butt so not surprisingly I gagged again. I couldn't believe it, it was disgusting, absolutely disgusting. It's put me off food altogether, I've had a good clear out of my mouth but all I can taste is tobacco."

Seems like Stoptober needs to be aimed at our fishy cousins as well, if they're all getting on the snouts as well. Anyway, Lidl said that they haven't had a chance to look at the offending fish, but said that they were looking into it.


  • David
    I don't know why he's making a fuss. We all know the seas are full of rubbish and that isn't Lidl's fault
  • Dick
    Meanwhile, his mates had a laugh as they put a fag butt in his dinner.

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