Make your own Christmas stocking at McDonalds

2 December 2014

McDonalds have teamed up with some knitters for Christmas!

The fast food chain is offering its customers the opportunity to create their own 3D knitted stocking as part of McDonalds' Knitmas Greetings campaign.

(Yeah. We know. It doesn't make sense to us either).


Customers will be using an interface - handily showcasing their festive menu as a bonus - and can choose a greeting, colour of the wool and a selection of Christmas-based designs for their stocking.

Then they can gallivant them all around the social networks, saying "Look! I've designed a sock!"

And if that's not enough, a handful of lucky customers will have their designs rendered into a real thing courtesy of knitwear faction Grannies Inc in time for the big day itself.

It really is, no pissing about now, the most wonderful time of the year.

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  • myapps
    You may find that your description is incorrect and may offend everybody!!! :-) I saw this earlier and I'm pretty sure there is no reference to Christmas anywhere. To keep everyone happy McDonalds has decided not to use the word.... It's all festive and seasonal.

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