London opens Owl Bar

owl As adults slide increasingly toward being dribbling babies, what with cereal cafes, adult ball pools and and places where you pay for a brew with cuddles, now, London is to get an Owl Bar.

We're just waiting for someone to open up a restaurant where you can go in your pyjamas and actually breastfeed while soiling yourself.

That's getting ahead of ourselves though, so back to owls. In Soho, you'll be able to drink cocktails while sitting in a bar that has some owls in it. You can sip your drink while a bird of prey vomits up a sack full of mouse bones. How lovely.

This one in London is going to be open from 8pm to 2am, because owls like to sleep in the day and, if you're wanting to gawp at this place, it is called 'Annie The Owl', and named after a bird of the same name. Annie will be joined by six other owls as well, who will no doubt enjoy time spent around drunk humans trying to put cigarillos in their beaks.

The tickets, which are being issued by ballot, cost £20 and include two cocktails and you can find out more about it here. Profits from the tickets go toward the The Barn Owl Centre charity, which is kinda nice. The owls probably need some counselling after being thrown into such a hipster hell when all they want to do is eat the face off a small mammal and be left in peace.

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