Lego make brick proof slippers!

There's no pain quite like the one you feel when you stand on a Lego brick. It doesn't just hurt your foot - it hurts your very soul. So with that, Lego have teamed up with a company called Brand Station, to create a pair of slippers that will eliminate the excruciating agony of standing on a stray piece of Lego.

And here they are.

lego slippers

Under foot, these slippers have a special protective layer, so that you could basically walk through a forest of Lego bricks, and you won't feel any pain.

There is some bad news on this front - Brand Station have only made 1,500 pairs of these special slippers, and they're being given away at random to people who fill out a Christmas wish list on the Lego France website.

They need to roll these out across the world - they might just save us all from foot trauma this Christmas.


  • lindsey
    i would love a pair of these for my brother in law as ive bought his daughter lego for her birthday and her and her brother are both getting some for christmas too so think these slippers will come in really handy for him especially when i go round to play with them haha
  • Laura m.
    Please may I have a men's pair of Lego slippers for my brother? Thank you
  • Laura m.
    Please may I have a pair of Lego slippers for my brother? Thank you Laura
  • Maree W.
    I would love a pair of these, both my son and husband have ASD and they are both mad about lego
  • bob
    or you could just wear regular slippers which have hard plastic soles.
  • Loribeth Q.
    Can I please order 2 pairs of man's slippers? My credit card number is [number removed], expiry date [date removed], CIC number [number removed]. Please send to [address removed] Thanks. By the way, do you have a loyalty scheme I can join?
  • Meh
    Wow. Just, wow. This is depressing. Are these people actually that stupid? The story tells you how to get hold of them, and where to go, and yet people *still* think this is the correct portal to use? How the hell did Loribeth actually get a credit card? Clearly she is waaaaay too stupid.
  • George
    I would like job at Lego Make Brick Proof Slippers. I work very hard for you yes please. My mobile number is [number removed]
  • Han S.
    @Loribeth - Are you thick?
  • Loribeth Q.
    @Meh and Han Solo. Jesus, are you guys for real? Get a grip!
  • Jessie J.
    I've had brick proof slippers for years. Doc Martins. Wear my hat low.
  • Martin
    Please can I order some Lego slippers in green? I don't own any Lego but I do really like green things.

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