LED lingerie to give you rave baps

ledlingerie Fancy having boobs that light up? You're in luck as some company called 'Electric Styles' have designed LED lingerie, so your chest looks like Tron.

The bras are intertwined with electroluminescent wiring and you can buy 'em for (starting at) £35ish. They're powered by 2 AA batteries and, if you get a "blink to the beat" sound pack, your boobs will flash in-time with music that's playing.

Of course, with that add-on, you can fully assume that these are being aimed at tragic festival-goers and ravers.

And it isn't just your baps that can light-up. The company also make a range of hoodies, ties and boas.

You can just imagine the kind of awful shitehawk who will buy a luminescent tie and wear it at the office Christmas party can't you? Still, at least it provides a handy target it you want to throw things at their heads.


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