Lady likes bacon so much, she'll shoot you for it

27 March 2015

bacon Bacon is amazing. Don't even try and argue. Bacon is so amazing that vegetarians dream of rolling around in great vats of sizzling pig rashers.

Thanks to bacon's power, it can make people go crazy, as you're about to find out with one lady from Michigan.

Shaneka Torres went to a branch of McDonald's and, at the drive-thru in Grand Rapids, twice tried to order a bacon cheeseburger, but after mix-up, she didn't get one with bacon on it. By way of apology, she was promised a free bacon cheeseburger the next time she's stopped by.

All well and good, right? WRONG.

Shaneka came back to the restaurant and again, was given a cheese burger without bacon. This is when things started to get crazy. According to reports, she said: "Bitch, you don’t know who you’re talking to..." before whipping out a handgun from her bag and firing through the drive-thru window.

The bullet narrowly missed a worker who'd ducked seconds before, to pick up a burger. Seriously - how bumbling are the staff at this particular McD's? Dropping stuff and giving out the wrong orders all the time? We suspect a portion of Bitterwallet readers are firmly on the side of the handgun.

Take heed though, if you're thinking of going all Falling Down: jurors took a mere hour to convict Torres of the shooting and now she's looking at seven years in prison. Let us hope the prison slophouse has some bacon on their cheeseburgers or there's going to be a riot.

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  • The S.
    If I order something specific, I want that or wouldn't waste my time ordering it. I would not accept something I did not want or order. More hand guns should be issued to the general populace so we can take care of these irritating issues. Note to GCHQ - my house is the one with the barricades and perimeter mines. Please approach stealthily. Note to Bitter Wallet - the above is pure fabrication. No wonder no-one comments anymore. :-(
  • Planet V.
    Vegetarianism - you just don't get it do you? Mind you, neither do we . . .
  • Planet V.
    Bacon eh? Meat eaters love it so much they dream of eating tons of the stuff and relishing in their colon cancer.
  • Censorship
    Does it work? It would appear not by the lack of comments on this site. All it needs is a disclaimer on the site saying something like : "All opinions expressed in the comments sections are NOT endorsed by Bitter Wallet and belong solely to the original poster. Further more, 100% of all comments are fictitious and are reproduced purely for the sense of wonderment fictional missives often inspire."
  • No C.
    I've just posted five comments, all been rejected. Something is seriously wrong with your WordPress. I would suggest you sort it out but my Feral Trolley picture has been up for at least 3 months now. Possibly six!
  • No C.
    Who's moderating this site? Mary Whitehouse?!???
  • Dacouch
    What a coincidence, another Torres who is not a very good shot
  • Father J.
    "Bacon eh? Meat eaters love it so much they dream of eating tons of the stuff and relishing in their colon cancer." All things in moderation, my pious little vegan friend. I wonder what cured vegan tastes like? If it's any good I might have found a use for them!
  • Father J.
    If, like me, you took the click bait and visited Planet Vegan you will see lots of pretty pictures of vegan food. Marvellous. Except, of course, it isn't. Having been exposed to this 'cuisine' for many years now (I blame friends who never managed to shake off the 80s/90s anarcho-punk fad) I can authoritatively state that, while looking absolutely delicious, it all tastes like cardboard.

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