Krispy Kreme in KKK balls-up

18 February 2015

kkk The KKK are not a nice bunch and have done a whole host of appalling things in their time and everyone - ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE - knows this. They're really famously an awful, awful crowd.

Apart from, it seems, if you work for the Krispy Kreme in Hull, where some bright spark created an event called 'KKK Wednesday' as part of their calendar of activities. KKK Wednesdays, of course, were designed to keep Hull's children entertained during the half-term.

So, while the children of the North can enjoy colouring-in on Colouring Tuesday, on a Wednesday, there's a delightful course in white supremacy and lynching for little Jemima and Frankie. You can imagine the kids might be taught which wood is best to use for a burning cross and which methods are best for tying nooses while your hands are cold.

Krispy Kreme shared their image on Facebook to let everyone know about the events going on, which means that a whole team of people missed the glaring 'KKK' they were accidentally promoting. Social media, naturally, were quick to spot it and point out the error.

Have a look at it. There it is. 'KKK Wednesday'.


A Krispy Kreme spokesperson told the Mirror that the company apologises "unreservedly for the inappropriate name of a customer promotion at one of our stores".

"All material has been withdrawn and an internal investigation is currently underway."


  • JonB
    Maybe they were thinking more along the lines of how the KKK are treated in Django Unchained?
  • Donut
    I see you've given this a tag of KKK. Was this necessary? Is this the first in a series of bigot-related articles that we can look forward to?
    • Mof G.
      Why, yes.
  • digibanger
    I love people who start with, "I'm not racist but..." its the perfect cue to drift off. They should all fuck off back to their own (mental ward) (time in history) (Klan) Delete as appropriate
  • DrJogalog
    Donut. Stop being a donut.

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