KFC nail varnish anyone?

KFC nail varnish
5 May 2016

Ever wondered if Colonel Sanders had glorious, pretty nails? Well wonder no more, as KFC have launched a nail varnish!

Over in Hong Kong, you can buy a pair of KFC fried chicken-flavoured nail varnishes! Yes, that's right - they taste like you've been eating chicken grease, which means you'll never be able to take your whole hand out of your mouth ever again.

You could even paint your toes with it, if you're supple enough.

One of the KFC polishes is spicy, while the other one tastes like original recipe chicken.

Here's an advert for it.

KFC's instructions for use: "To use, consumers simply apply and dry like regular nail polish, and then lick -- again and again and again."

Probably not a good idea to dip your chicken in or drink straight from the bottle.

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