Just Eat to deliver with robots

Just Eat to deliver with robots

You may remember that Dominos said that they were going to deliver pizzas via robot - well, while they mess around wondering where to launch their new delivery system, Just Eat are jumping in on the action.

In London, they're going to deploy some six-wheeled delivery robots, which tootle around at 4mph, to deliver you your takeaway food.

Obviously, these robots will use GPS to navigate their way around, as well as utilising on-board cameras and sensors. When it gets to your house, you tap your unique code in and you can grab your meal out of the delivery bot.

Unless of course, some scallies decide to throw the robot under a bus, or someone just batters it open to steal that lamb bhuna you'd ordered yourself.

Either way, 30 robots have been tested, and they've apparently travelled 5,000 miles in Greenwich, Milton Keynes and Glastonbury.

Allan Martinson, the chief operating officer of developer Starship Technologies, said: "We haven't lost a single robot in eight months, or been involved in any accidents that resulted in loss or injury."

Most people who see the robots are apparently unfazed, but kids "love it", with Martinson adding: "We've seen them try to chase it, hug it. One person tried to feed it a banana."

In a bid to stop it being stolen, and being messed about with, the robot is fitted with a movement sensor that sends an alert if it is picked up.

It also has nine cameras and two-way audio to a control room, so humans can get involved at any stage.

Just Eat chief executive David Buttress said: "In busy times there's a shortage of supply drivers. These will enable restaurants to meet the demand."

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