Junk food might be making you depressed!

30 March 2015

burger_1372686c After talking about bacon the other day, we ended up making a vegetarian cry. So, to recalibrate the balance, we'll slag off some meat now, so that the vegetarians can pat each internal organ contentedly.

Someone's done a study and, shock horror, it turns out junk food might have a few negative knock-on effects. While you were scarfing cheeseburgers and pizza into you like it was going out of fashion, it wasn't making you happy.

In fact, things that are high in fat might be making you anxious and depressed.

Is it something to do with your skin hanging over the top of your trousers, like your belt is wearing a blubber beret? Not quite. It is thought that the transferring of poo from one bowel to another can really mess with the way you feel, maaaan.

The Louisiana State University study mused on the idea that the bacteria in our guts might be making us really sad. Of course, they found this by testing on mice and those on high fat diets showed disruptions in their behaviour, with increases in anxiety and impaired memory. Or, maybe those meeses just hate those burgers to peeses?

Maybe we can all start suing Burger King for feeling miserable all the time?

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