Japan: The place of confectionery witchcraft

28 November 2011

Japan. It's a place of beserkery isn't it? They've got robots that fart, cars that fly and noodle commercials with James Brown. More importantly, it's a place of confectionery witchcraft. Want proof? Well, we stumbled across some videos (okay, they're not new, but you're not paying for this, so shut it) that are brain-meltingly odd.

First, there's a video of a thing that seemingly makes a dragon's tongue out of powder and liquid. You eat it with cold custard or something. It's insane. Watch.

Then, there's the sweetie-sushi kit which, again, looks more like a science experiment. Seriously, droplet of liquid turn into pretend fish eggs and... and... just watch it and then look at your boring, boring Tracker bar in your hand.


  • Dick
    I bet the dragons tongue tastes of fish too. It's not exactly proper food like a steak and kidney pie or a decent fry up though is it.
  • zleet
    And I thought sherbet dib dab was the hight of confectionery science, looks like shit now. I really need some candied robot bollocks decorated with crystalized dolphin tears or whatever the fuck they are doing in Japan now, probably beam the taste in through your eyes or something.
  • Bman
    @zleet oh damn I laughed that hard at your comment I'm sure a bit pee escaped, quality.
  • PraiseMe
    It's the baby Jesus' teardrops :(
  • T
    I live in Japan and it's ummm an acquired taste? Then again with red bean paste pepsi and wasabi kit-kat bars being sold here it's not that odd of a taste.

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