Japan opens ‘sleeping cafes’ for knackered ladies

13 March 2013

Rather than give tired humans much needed time off to watch Homes Under the Hammer, a café chain called Qusca has opened in Japan, giving overworked women the chance to get some shut eye during their lunchbreaks.

Apparently Japanese workers are so put upon that there’s now a word for death through overwork -‘karoshi.’ And such is the depth of this fatigue, that Toyko’s businesswomen are paying $1.60 for a 10 minute nap at Qusca. And if you sleep in? You get a little earpiece, which gives you a wake up call when your time is up. The café’s claim is that power naps improve efficiency at work (and presumably stop you from dying at your desk).

Yes, yes, we know men get tired too, but this is a ladies only café, which features rest areas with beds and nice feminine gauzy curtains, plus a space to touch up your crumpled bed face before heading back to the office to work for The Man. So if you’re karoshi-ing all over the place you can get an all-female nap without being felt up by sleazy businessmen. As Liz Lemon from 30 Rock once said: ‘I want to go to there.’

The question is, could our increasingly insane work culture mean we’ll see sleeping cafes in the UK, or is this just one of those crazy Japanese things, like talking toilets and lifelike sex dolls?

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  • Zleet
    Should see the coffin sized capsule apartments some people in japan live in.
  • S.Beauty
    I sleep in my car. I get some weird looks but it works for me!
  • Mike O.
    Lifelike dolls? Interesting, but where would you store the ruddy thing when you werent conkers deep?
  • Fat H.
    @Mike Possible unused bedroom tax avoidance scheme?

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