iTunes Match falls to earth from Apple's cloud

itunes_match_apple-thumb-640xauto-22372 Apple have quietly snuck out their cloud-based music streaming service iTunes Match to us lucky UK users, a month after it emerged in the US of America. The service replicates ALL of the music stored on users’ hard drives and allows them them to listen to better-quality streamed versions from their so-called ‘cloud’ on any of their connected devices.

The hook is that it won’t just acknowledge music that has been bought on iTunes – your stuff that you’ve ripped from your own CDs or have downloaded from ‘other places’ – you know what we’re talking about. It seems that the music industry and Apple are ready to face up to the fact that people download music illicitly, but they’re still keen to get their pound of flesh – Apple iTunes Match will cost you £21.99 per year to use.

So, how does that work for you? For less than £2 per month, you can access all of your music anywhere you like on any of your enabled devices. Or for £9.99 per month, you can opt for Spotify Premium, and have ALL of their music available to stream, anywhere you like. Tough call.


  • Richard
    So if this streams music to your iphone etc. won't it use a lot of data meaning high data charges? Unless it's Wifi only, in which case does that mean you can only listen to songs when you're in wifi?
  • Ben
    Fair point. One hour at 256 kbps = (3600 * 256) / 8192 = 112.5 mb. So after 5 hours (in a month) you have used over your bandwidth on O2 and other networks. Laaaaaaaame.
  • Dave
    I prefer the Zune pass as that's unlimited music on pc, Xbox and windows phone.
  • Businessman
    I can't understand these cloud music schemes. They give you somewhere to store your music. So fucking what? I've got my entire music collection on a micro SDHC card and it is nothing like even half full. Why do I need the music on a cloud instead (where it cuts out if the train goes in a tunnel and all the other things that could go wrong.) Does not make sense.
  • lumoruk
    WHAT! pay to listen to your OWN music twice that sounds brilliant!!
  • Richard
    @ Ben And that's assuming all you do is listen to music. I personally just about get away with a 500mb allowance with general usage such as web browsing and app usage. I purposefully limit my youtube usage and only download apps in wifi zones so I wouldn't have any spare capacity for music streaming.
  • Richard
    The thing is there is so much potential for cloud systems but it's bottle necked by the fact that mobile data is so expensive in comparison. Someone really needs to invest in improving the infrastructure to enable cheaper data costs.
  • Richard
    In theory I don't see why you couldn't do a similar thing to OnLive with mobiles. For example, you buy a device with very low hardware specifications for a nominal price and then pay a premium to connect to high powered servers which provide the processing power for the device over a data connection. Then, instead of upgrading your device, the servers get upgraded constantly and you can pay to change to an option with more features or power. This way you don't have to worry about selling your old phone when you upgrade because there's nothing to sell, you're just increasing the amount of server power you are using.
  • Nick
    I think I'd rather have the Apple service over Spotify. I'm not completely familiar with the Premium Spotify, but I listen to a lot of books on CD on my iPhone, which I doubt are on Spotify. So it's more than just "music" on my iPhone. Thus, easier decision between the two.
  • Lemax
    The ability to have your entire music collection with you wherever you are in the world for a year, for the price of a round of drinks? Seems like good value to me. I'll probably run both this and Spotify premium. Spotify is great for exploring new music, but there are a lot of mixes and rarer stuff on my hard drive that I wouldn't mind having remote access to.
  • Frank P.
    Do you get more storage space on a rainy day?
  • greg
    no really comparible to spotify, as if i'm going to find my Kid Galahad album and Longpigs b-sides on Scrotify. plus fuck all this cloud shit, what happened to just buying a proper iPod and having it all on you at all times anyway?

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